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Jhankhana Jani

 Jhankhana Jani, SPT

Jhankhana Jani, who also goes by J.J., is a Southern California native. She attended University of California, San Diego for her undergraduate education where she received a Bachelor's of Science degree in Psychology with an emphasis on Neuroscience and Behavior. 

She is currently finishing up her first year in the University of California, San Francisco Doctor of Physical Therapy program. J.J. has experiences working with a diverse population of patients: orthopedic, neurological, geriatrics, pediatrics, worker's compensation, and acute care.

Throughout her life, J.J. has participated in dance and many sports such has basketball, track and field, and tennis. She loves to hike, do yoga, and participate in many activities. She enjoys being active and spending her time with her family and friends. She loves to read, try new foods, and travel. She aspires to offer her medical services to people with limited access and hopes that in the future she can travel to different countries to share her knowledge and services. 

J.J. is very passionate about getting to know her patients and doing her best to help them achieve their goals. She is an avid learner and has a strong desire to increase her knowledge in order to best help her patients. She hopes to provide the best care and education to her future patients. 


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