Barry H. Wong, PT, BS

A native of Southern California, Barry attended UCLA and earned his BS in Kinesiology. As a confident graduate, Barry applied to only one Physical Therapy program: The prestigious UCSF School of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy. Upon graduating from UCSF, Barry returned to Southern California and opened a number of physical therapy practices in LA and Orange County. Barry's passion was not limited to the practice of physical therapy. An avid entrepreneur and ice cream aficionado, Barry owned the first ColdStone Creamery in Orange County, showcasing his culinary skill as well as his torch juggling, banjo playing, and vocal talent.

Quite the Renaissance man, Barry can be found fixing everything inside the house, inventing things inside the clinic, and pursuing his neverending quest for knowledge and wisdom. To paraphrase Socrates, "Wisest is he who thinks he knows what he knows and never thinks he knows what he does not know."

From 1996 - 1997, Barry was the team physical therapist for the Champioship Anaheim Bullfrogs, a professional Roller Hockey team that played at the Arrowhead Pond. He has also been selected by the United States Olympic Committee to participate in the Elite Athlete Program to treat and care for Olympic athletes from 1995 to the present date. Barry was honored to be appointed as the physical therapist for the United States Olympic Men's Volleyball team from 2004 - 2008, although he declined the position in order to spend time with his family and private practice.

Barry is a Certified Clinical Instructor, and he is not only able to teach about clinical procedures and excellence, but also about life lessons and purpose. Students have coined some of his notable mottos as Wongisms, guiding them as they enter the profession of physical therapy.

Barry's energy and enthusiasm exudes as he employs eclectic, effective, creative and unique therapy techniques with every client. Patients from all over the world have sought treatment from Barry, making special trips just to experience the expertise he has to offer. Barry is a perfectionist, not satisfied until the patient is restored to their optimal level.

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