Pain Reduction Therapies

Pain has reached epidemic proportions around the world. It is estimated that in the US 50 million people suffer from chronic pain. At State-of-the-Art Physical Therapy in Tustin, CA, our team is dedicated to pain reduction through all the therapies and techniques that physical therapy provides. 

Class IV Laser Therapy

The CDC has recommended laser therapy as an alternative to opioid products for pain relief. It can provide quite impressive results in just a few treatments. Laser therapy is safe and painless to receive. It helps your body to heal itself through the stimulation of the cells so that they can release more ATP. It increases the blood flow to the area where it is applied and gives the cells the energy boost they need to regenerate quicker. Pain reduction is a natural by-product of the procedure, as it stimulates the release of endorphins, nature's pain relievers. 

Manual therapy techniques

Manual therapy techniques are applied to the area where the pain is located. The type of therapy will depend on the location of the injury or pain. When joints have been restored to position, the therapy will involve slowly improving the range of motion. The therapist may use stretches, massages, and gentle pulls. Physical therapists have an arsenal of manual therapy techniques. 

Therapeutic exercises

Therapeutic exercises are an important part of pain reduction and physical therapy. You may exercise before your manual therapy or after and sometimes both. The exercises will be specific to the particular condition that is being treated. You will be coached during your exercises to make sure you are doing them correctly and in a way that will be beneficial to your condition. You will likely be given sheets with the exercises that you can continue to do at home. 

Alter-G Antigravity Treadmill

This treadmill allows those who normally would have difficulty using a treadmill because of their physical condition to actively participate. Those who have physical limitations due to things like obesity or having had a stroke, or who are recovering from knee or hip replacement, are ideal candidates. It places the body from the waist down in a chamber that makes it feel weightless. No stress is placed on the joints that are not affected by gravity. 

Contact State-of-the-Art Physical Therapy in Tustin, CA when you are in pain from an accident or a chronic condition. We can provide a full range of physical therapy techniques for the pain reduction you require. Give us a call at 714-544-2188 to make an appointment.

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