Sports Injury Rehab

A risk of injury is inherent in playing sports. Injuries occur often and range from minor to major, but the one commonality is the importance of getting medical attention at the start of an issue. Oftentimes, an orthopedist will recommend that you receive physical therapy to help rehabilitate the injury. At State-Of-The-Art Physical Therapy in Tustin, CA, our talented team of physical therapists will work diligently to improve your energy, reduce any pain, and put you on a path to recovery that allows you to participate in the recreational activities of your choosing.

Immediately after sustaining an injury, it can be easy to want to rush back to the sport, but the key is taking the time to rehabilitate your injury so as not to make it worse. Sports injury rehabilitation is a four-step process with the first stage being pain and swelling reduction. During this juncture, you'll want to rely on a combination of rest, ice, compression, and elevation to lessen swelling and control pain. Once swelling reduction is achieved, the next phase can begin, which is increasing your range of motion and mobility of the joint. Depending on the type and severity of the injury, your joints may have been immobile for a period of time which necessitates the need for making slow and gradual movements ramp up towards full mobility. After joint mobility has been restored, we'll focus on regaining lost strength that was caused by the injury. Gradually, we'll challenge you to push your limits without risking re-injury so that when the time is right you can return to action. Lastly, we'll focus on restoring sports-specific movements such as cutting to the right or left for tennis or jumping off a pivot foot in basketball. 

Sustaining an injury is never fun especially when it takes you away from participating in a favorite sport. At State-Of-The-Art Physical Therapy in Tustin, CA, we know how frustrating injuries are and our goal is to enable you to return to action in a safe and responsible manner. To learn more about our practices and the treatments used, give us a call today at 714-544-2188

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