Post Operative Rehabilitation

Healing starts the moment you’re done with your surgery and enter post-operative rehabilitation. At State of the Art Physical Therapy we know how crucial the right rehab is to get you healed and living your life again. Call or come by the office of Brian W. Wong today at 714-544-2188.

Four Types of Post-Surgical Physical Therapy

While there are several treatment options at your disposal, there are four main types of PT that are pretty standard after surgery. These are stretching, range-of-motion therapy, strength exercises, and ultrasound & electrical therapy. While not all of them may be used in your specific case, they are always available should they be needed.


Stretch exercises are paramount to help with pain, swelling, muscle flexibility, and joint mobility. Keeping a good stretching plan can speed healing as well as increase the quality of your aftercare.


Whether it is your physical therapist that is moving your body or you are actively moving, range-of-motion exercises help your joints rotate and increase the ease of that movement. Typically, your range will improve as your physical therapy continues.


Exercises that deal with strengthening help your muscle function. This improves bone density and keeps joints supported. Strength training, as long as it is not overdone, is a great path to healing in post-operative rehabilitation physical therapy.

Ultrasound and Electrical

Both ultrasound therapy and any type of electrical therapy like the TENS unit are treatments that help stimulate blood flow. They help retrain nerves and increase nutritional support to recovering tissues. Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves while electrical therapy uses low currents, both get deep into tissues to heal.

If you are ready to get started with your post-operative rehabilitation or want to talk with us about an upcoming surgical procedure and find out your rehab options, call 714-544-2188 and give Brian W. Wong and State of the Art Physical Therapy a try.

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